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Cost of Podofilox

Podofilox is toxic, so it cannot be used on large skin areas. Make sure that at the same time you use not more than 0.25 mg cream, and the total skin area, on which cream is applied, does not exceed 10 sq. cm.

Contraindications: pregnancy, lactation, children's age up to 12 years old; the use of other medicines containing Podophyllotoxin; Podofilox components increased sensitivity. We offer to buy Podofilox online with discount price.

Here you can purchase Podofilox online
2Rx UK
Product: Podofilox
Dosage: 10 ml/20%
Qty: 2, 4 bottles
Price from: $64.95
Delivery: US to US & Worldwide
Shipping methods: Regular Airmail, Express Courier (US only)
Shipping cost: $15.00
Bonuses: Free shipping for orders from $300, Free bonus ED pills
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Podofilox 10 ml/20% bottles
Podofilox Podofilox 10 ml/20% × 2 bottles price $139.90 per bottle $69.95 Buy Podofilox
Podofilox Podofilox 10 ml/20% × 4 bottles price $259.80 per bottle $64.95 Buy Podofilox

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