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Cost of Plan B 0.75 mg

Plan B (Emergency Contraception) provides a reliable birth control that prevents unwanted pregnancy after sex, and that is why it is sometimes called the "morning-after pill", "the day after pill", or the "morning-after contraception". You can use Plan B emergency contraception immediately or up to five days after sex. If you think that the prevention of unwanted pregnancy is not reliable (you did not use contraception), or you have sex against your will, Plan B makes the threat of getting pregnant is much less. But emergency contraceptives are not as effective as the pill, which is used before or during sex - tablets or condom. So if you are sexually active or planning sex, then do not use Plan B Emergency Contraception as the only drug against pregnancy. In addition, the medicine does not protect against sexually transmitted infections, and HIV (condoms only). Here you can order non-prescription Plan B (Emergency Contraception) online.

Here you can purchase Plan B online
2Rx UK
Product: Plan B
Dosage: 0.75 mg
Qty: 4, 10, 30 pills
Price from: $4.00
Delivery: US to US & Worldwide
Shipping methods: Regular Airmail, Express Courier (US only)
Shipping cost: $15.00
Bonuses: Free shipping for orders from $300, Free bonus ED pills
Payment methods: Visa MasterCard American Express eCheck
Plan B 0.75 mg pills
Plan B Plan B 0.75 mg × 4 pills price $23.96 per pill $5.99 Buy Plan B
Plan B Plan B 0.75 mg × 10 pills price $49.90 per pill $4.99 Buy Plan B
Plan B Plan B 0.75 mg × 30 pills price $120.00 per pill $4.00 Buy Plan B

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