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Levonorgestrel for sale

Levonorgestrel causes inhibition of ovulation and the changes of the endometrium, prevents implantation of a fertilized egg, and increases the viscosity of cervical mucus, which prevents the promotion of sperm.

In the intrauterine therapeutic system Levonorgestrel has a direct local effect on the endometrium, fallopian tubes and viscosity of cervical mucus channel.

After the drug taking it is absorbed rapidly and completely from the gastrointestinal tract, bioavailability is about 100%.

The drug is applied at the emergency postcoital contraception for women (including after unprotected intercourse, or if the applied method of contraception may not be reliable).

If pregnancy occurs during the use of intrauterine therapeutic system, it is recommended to uninstall it, as any endometrial IUD increases the risk of miscarriage and premature birth.

The drug is used inside in the first 96 hours after sexual intercourse in the dose of 0.75-1,5mg. The cheapest Levonorgestrel for sale is in our online pharmacy.

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