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Cost of Lasuna drug

Lasuna or garlic is known since ancient times as a cooking spice and a medicine for the treatment of infectious diseases. In the early 21st century it was found and is scientifically proven that Lasuna can reduce the level of blood pressure and influence on the level of lipid fractions in the blood.

Garlic contains alliin as the active ingredient, which is produced directly from the pharmacological drug and has an effect in the future on the heart muscle, blood vessels, mucosa of the respiratory and digestive systems.

Lasuna reduces total cholesterol and lipids in the blood, platelet aggregation and impedes the further development of atherosclerosis. The drug has vasodilating action, thereby lowers blood pressure when the patient has hypertension.

By alliin containing sulfur, the drug can dilute sputum, and facilitate its excretion from the respiratory tract. This component allows stimulating intestinal peristalsis and eliminating dyspeptic phenomenon. We offer to purchase Lasuna online with discount price.

Here you can purchase Lasuna online
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