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Order Elimite cream no prescription

Elimite is an insecticide drug of contact action, which belongs to the group of synthetic pyrethroids. The medicine is highly effective against many species of arthropods (lice, fleas, ticks, including itch and others ectoparasites). The drug suppresses the development and causes the death of larvae, nits and mature individuals. The remedy is used to combat lice and scabies. The drug has no toxic effect. You can order Elimite cream online without a prescription now.

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Elimite cream is used in the treatment of skin lesions infection by scabby mite. The drug is used only for the treatment of scabies. Each gram of the cream contains 5% of the active substance. The drug is prescribed by a doctor. A physician controls the course of the reception, and the frequency of using. The drug is applied on the affected skin, including the areas covered with hair.

Generic Acticin is white-yellow color and a thick consistency. The cream must be stored away from children. The drug cures scabby mite infection only at application rates. You should continue the drug taking even if you feel the improvement. You should use the remedy as accurately as possible. It must not fall on open wounds or scratches on the skin as this can lead to inflammation and suppuration.

The cream has a large number of contraindications. It is not recommended to pregnant women, patients with asthma and those who are prone to skin allergic reactions. A woman should inform her doctor about breastfeeding in appointing the drug. If Elimite causes redness of skin, skin rash, nausea, numbness or tingling in the area of application, you must inform your doctor. Purchase generic Acticin online no Rx with free worldwide delivery.

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