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Purchase Dormicum tabs

Dormicum is a somnolent drug. The active substance is midazolam. The drug has also central myorelaxing, anxiolytic and antiepileptic effects; is used in premedication prior to the opening anesthesia; as a sedative component of the combined anesthesia; prolonged sedation in intensive therapy. Contraindications: hypersensitivity, sleep disorder with psychosis and severe depression, myasthenia gravis, muscular dystrophy, myotonia, acute pulmonary insufficiency, pregnancy (I trimester), uterine contractions, and the period of lactation. Purchase Dormicum Roche 7.5 mg online over the counter in our drug store.

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Dormicum is a sedative drug. The active substance is Midazolam.

The medication is prescribed for insomnia (violation of sleep, or early awakening). Also the drug is administered intramuscularly as sedation for diagnostic and surgical procedures. The drug therapy is used for prolonged sedation in intensive care, as well as induction anaesthesia, with the inhalation anesthesia.

Dormicum is prescribed for adults and children for sedation with preservation of consciousness, diagnostic or therapeutic procedures, produced under local anesthesia with or without it, and during their conduct.

The active substance of the drug is a strong sedative agent of requiring a slow introduction and individual dose selection. The dose should be individualized also urged to titrate the dose to safely achieve the desired sedative action that corresponds to the clinical needs, physical condition and age of the patient, and also received drug therapy.

The drug begins to act in about 2 minutes after intravenous infusion. The maximum effect is achieved within 5-10 minutes. Order non-prescription Dormicum online in our pharmacy.

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